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Snow & Ice Removal Equipment

Snow & Ice Removal Equipment


Keith’s Truck Service, Inc. has what you need to stay one step ahead of the winter’s brutal conditions.

Fisher, Meyer, SnowDogg, and Western, Keith’s Truck Service, Inc. is your local genuine distributor of the full line of snowplows and ice removal equipment. These brands are built tough and ready to tackle winter’s worst storms. The staff at Keith’s Truck Service, Inc. is eager to guide you into the perfect fit for your commercial, municipality, or residential need and at a price — affordable to fit your budget.

Looking for used? Sure… we have limited inventory of used snow plows to fit specific trucks. Call us at
(814) 696-6008 with the year, make, and model of your truck and we will do our best to match your truck to a “used” snowplow.

It is very rare that salt spreaders are available in the “used” condition. However, we carry a full line of Buyer’s Saltdogg salt spreaders for residential, commercial, and municipality specifications that can spread a variety of materials from bagged rock salt, to ice melt, even salt and sand mixes.

Don’t let the brisk winds of winter blow you away… stop by Keith’s Truck Service, Inc. to mount up with your new Snow & Ice Removal Equipment.

Fisher Snowplows and Salt Spreaders

Western Snowplows and Salt Spreaders

Meyer Snowplows and Salt Spreaders

Snowdogg Snowplows

Saltdogg Salt Spreaders

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